Membership Application: Verdant Place Workplace Group

You are invited to join the Verdant Place community!

Verdant Place is a co-creation center focused on creating and leveraging Connectivity and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Members of Verdant Place are invited to share within the community their relevant research findings, research, reports, and ongoing efforts that fall under the suggested topics (though not limited to):

- Sustainable connectivity infrastructure
- Consequences of connectivity to global sustainability
- Sustainability as a driver for connectivity

All information posted in this group should be considered public information with no proprietary content or any expectation of confidentiality. Detailed guidelines and rules are posted below.

To join the group, please answer the following questions, then read the group guidelines and rules. To proceed and request membership, indicate you accept the guidelines and rules by entering your email address and pressing "Submit".

If you have any questions, please email

NOTE: for the best experience in the community, we reserve the right to decline membership to unqualified members at this time.
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