CAA New Member Application
Below you will find a short and easy test on our guidelines that you must pass to become a member. You might find it odd to have to take a test to join a Facebook group, but the CAA is not your average group! We strive to be the best forum where apologists can come together and sharpen their defense of the Christian faith. We have our own quarterly publication and website featuring the writings of our members. We have been featured on William Lane Craig's weekly podcast and our ranks include many well-known apologists. As such we ask our applicants to fill out the following form to ensure that the quality of our forum is upheld.

Taking twenty minutes of your time to fill out the form below will be returned with access to a wealth of resources and knowledge from fellow apologists.

The questions are easy but YOU MUST SCORE 100% TO BE ADDED TO THE GROUP. Retries are permitted. Please read the Guidelines carefully and check your answers.

After working through the application please request to join the group and you will be added within the next 24 hours. If you are not added then please contact a group moderator listed on the main Facebook page.

CAA Statement of Faith and Community Guidelines
IMPORTANT: In addition to submitting this form, BE SURE TO REQUEST TO JOIN the Christian Apologetics Alliance Facebook group by clicking on the following link:

If you are interested in joining the Christian Apologetics Alliance, you must demonstrate you have read our Statement of Faith and Community Discussion Guidelines by completing a simple quiz.

To read the Statement of Faith, follow this link:

To read the Community Discussion Guidelines, follow this link:

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Once you are an established member of the Alliance, in which ministry would you like to be actively involved?
(This is optional. This will help us know whom to contact as opportunities to serve become available. Descriptions of these ministries can be found at: Click "Resources.")
Understanding the Community Discussion Guidelines
Answering the following questions confirms you have read and understand the intent of the CAA Community Discussion Guidelines. If you have not read this document (or the Statement of Faith) please scroll to the top of this form where links to these documents can be found. A score of 100% is required on your first or second try. So please answer carefully.
Posting memes is encouraged: *
Feel free to share blog posts and links to other content without explaining the relevance to apologetics: *
It's a good idea to encourage new topics in a thread that do not necessarily relate to the OP (opening post): *
The Christian Apologetics Alliance holds to, and encourages the discussion of: *
Feel free to make fun of skeptics who do not believe in God: *
Only topics specifically related to apologetics is encouraged: *
Searching the group before sharing content is strongly encouraged: *
The author of the post should engage in and help moderate the conversation: *
Feel free to vent about how anti-intellectual a fellow member, church, or pastor is: *
Upload as many files as you want, whenever you feel like it: *
Add everyone on your friends list so the CAA can boost our numbers: *
The names of individuals and what they write in the CAA is not to be shared outside the CAA, unless they give permission otherwise. *
If I disagree with another member I should try to understand their position and defend my beliefs respectfully. *
What does guideline #6 say? *
If you have any questions about the Statement of Faith or Community Discussion Guidelines, please let us know.
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What is the importance of apologetics, to you? *
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Tell us, how did you hear about the Christian Apologetics Alliance?
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