Skill UP! Application form
Dear applicant,

by filling in this form you are applying for a training course "Skill UP!" that will happen the 12 May (arrival day) - 22nd May 2020 (departure day) in Neu Nagelberg, Austria. You need to be able to participate in the whole project.

The project is open for participants from Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom.

With your application, you commit yourself for the whole project: preparation, participation in the project, dissemination and follow-up activities.

We need the following data to prepare everything by the time you arrive. We ask you to give correct and valid data. Some questions are there for you to reflect on yourself, as it will be a lot about personal development.

The participants will be selected based on their profile and the quality of application forms so we recommend you take time to fill it in carefully.

We are looking forward to read your application,

"Skill UP" team

Personal data protection info:
We are going to dispose with information you provided with respect and according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we will be using them only for the purposes of "Skill UP" project. Data from the application are accessible to team of the project and applications will be shared with partner organisations in order to make the selection of applicants. Only applications from a given country will be shared with a given organisation (I.e. Bulgarian applications will be shared to Bulgarian organisation, etc.)
At the end of this application, we will ask you to give us permission to keep your data - without this we are not able to process your application for the project.
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