Public Survey: Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI) Pilot Program
Please share your thoughts on the Reentry Roundtable and what you’ve learned about guaranteed basic income (GBI). While the County’s proposed pilot for justice-involved is still in the design phase, the pilot program is intended to run for two years, providing monthly cash transfers to approximately 100 individuals recently released from jail or prison and will recruit 100 allies to complete comparative surveys. The goal is to evaluate GBI as in intervention strategy to reduce recidivism. Your answers are important to guide the development of this program. Thank you for participating in this survey!
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Did you attend the roundtable on August 14th? *
If you did attend the roundtable, do you feel that your views on guaranteed basic income (GBI) have become more positive?
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How much did you know about GBI before the roundtable? *
How positively do you support GBI as an intervention strategy to reduce recidivism, with 1 being least positive and 5 being most positive? *
I do not support GBI as an intervention strategy to reduce recidivism
I support GBI as an intervention strategy to reduce recidivism very much
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What supportive services do you think justice-involved clients would benefit from having access to during a GBI pilot program? Please select your top three:
Do you have any suggestions or comments about the design of a GBI for justice-involved clients?
Do you have any questions regarding GBI?
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