Family Session Spring 2019 Feedback
Mr. H. would love to hear from you about your experiences and interest in our Family Sessions.
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This year we have had a consistent format: discuss the previous month’s Small Dream, introduce the current month’s, do a Family Activity about it, distribute Discussion Dice and roll the big dice to demonstrate. In the last couple years of Family Sessions, we’ve had a wide variety of formats: multimedia presentations, large groups that rotate through stations, family activities that took much of the time, the whole group rotating around the church for different activities/presentations, etc. These questions are about format.
Question 1: How much do you like this year’s format? *
do not like at all
like it a lot
Question 2: How helpful/beneficial have you found this year’s format compared to other formats? *
not at all
very much
Question 3: Are there any of the Family Sessions of previous years that you would like to see return? If so, which one(s) and why?
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Question 4: What other feedback would you like to give about the format of our gatherings? (What’s helpful, what’s not, what do you wish we did more vs. wish we didn’t do?)
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CONTENT: Small Dreams
This year’s Family Sessions have been focused on Small Dreams, each month challenging us to grow a little deeper in faith by adding or strengthening a faith habit (so far: Mass, Prayer, and a Patron Saint). These questions have to do with this program and the way we’re doing it.
Question 5: How much do you like the Small Dreams program this year? *
hate it
love it
Question 6: How beneficial has Small Dreams been to your family? *
not at all
Question 7: How do you feel about the frequency of the dreams challenges? *
Question 8: What other feedback would you like to provide about Small Dreams?
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This year more than others, we’ve been focusing on having you work on / do things as a family during Family Sessions. These questions are about that practice.
Question 9: How much do you like doing things as a family during Family Sessions? *
hate it
love it
Question 10: How much time do you think we should spend on family activities during a Family Session? *
little to none
as much as possible
Question 11: What kind of family activities to be done during Family Sessions would you most want or need?
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Question 12: What other feedback would you like to provide about family activities?
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