Utrecht, The Netherlands, 27-31 July '22 Help us design this event!

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and ZIMIHC are preparing this new major event for YOU, conductors, vocal leaders, music educators, composers, arrangers, creators, choral managers, students & coaches. We want this event to offer something for everybody connected to collective singing one way or another, and we need your input on how to reach this aim best.

In this form, you can state your expectations for such an event, helping us making this event relevant for you and your peers Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


Leading Voices is part of the project 'Training Leading Voices', co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe programme. The project is coordinated by ZIMIHC (NL), in cooperatoin with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (DE, co-coordinator), A Coeur Joie (FR), Feniarco (IT) and JSKD (SI). / www.trainingleadingvoices.org
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To conduct / lead an ensemble or perform
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To discover new choral music as listener (or singer)
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Your wishes for Leading Voices
Think about an event that would make you decide to invest time to travel to another country.
What type of activities would motivate you to join the event?
Learn through workshops, etc...
Discover organisational or management skills
Learn about European activities relevant for you and your peers / your choirs and ensembles
Listen to innovative and inspiring choirs and ensembles
Learn from other cultural sectors and art forms (dance, visual arts, theatre, poetry, etc.)
Discover new repertoire
Learn from other musical fields
Acquire new musical skills
Exchange with other European conductors, vocal leaders, educators, creators, composers, arrangers, coaches, students
Learn through masterclasses
Network with organisations dealing with collective singing at the European level
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What would be the main reasons for you to attend Leading Voices?
What would be the main reasons for you NOT to attend Leading Voices?
Are there any persons you would like to especially recomend as lecturers or workshop leaders for Leading Voices? Please add the names, contact information and if possible a website or videos, as well as the topic(s) they could present/teach about.
Are there any topics you would especially like to see covered by workshops, lectures, masterclasses or performances at Leading Voices?
Any other comments or remarks are very welcome!
Leading Voices is part of the project Training Leading Voices, co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe Programme
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