Delivery Order Form
***NOTE: HUNGER FIGHTERS will deliver to clients within a 10 mile radius of the food pantry.***
What to Expect
After the first two pages, which ask for some basic information, you will be allowed to choose items from the following categories:

- Drinks/Breakfast/Dessert
- Snacks
- Premade Meals
- Cooking Essentials
- Canned Fruits/Veggies
- Canned Meats/Beans
- Condiments/Sauces
- Household Items/ Hygiene Items
- Kid's Snack Items
- Pet Food

You are not required to fill in all the slots. If you would like multiple quantities of an item, you can choose the same item several times. (ex. if you select "Corn" under "Choose your 1st fruit/vegetable" and select "Corn" again under "Choose your 2nd fruit/vegetable," you will receive two cans of corn.)

Along with the items you choose, we will provide fresh fruits/vegetables, meat, dairy, and/or eggs as they are available.

ALL orders need to be submitted by 5 pm Thursday for a custom request. If an order is submitted after the deadline, it will be processed as part of the FOLLOWING week's orders. However, you can still come by the pantry this week and pick up a generic prepacked set of groceries.

HFO = Hunger Fighters Oregon
low sodium = contains lower sodium content than default option
high sugar = contains high sugar content
vegan = does not contain any animal products
gf = gluten-free
may contain meat/ meat products = not suitable for those who are vegetarian/vegan
may contain nuts = not suitable for those with a nut allergy
IMPORTANT: In order to receive a custom delivery by Saturday, this form must be submitted by 5 pm Thursday
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