Sign up for the SF Bay Area's model House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing
Format: in the style of a congressional committee hearing, with a presiding chairperson, committee members, and (cooperative) witnesses, with an introduction, segments on a number of articles of impeachment, and a conclusion.
Who we are: volunteer activist members of Indivisible San Francisco and Indivisible East Bay.
Participants: volunteer activists like you who support a comprehensive impeachment inquiry of the president.

Purpose: to set an example for Congress to lay out a thorough, persuasive, prosecutorial case about the abuses of this administration, so that they could move public opinion and maximize the chance of conviction and removal in the Senate.
Outcome: the event itself, and videos to post online.

Timing: late Oct./early Nov. (excluding Oct. 31 & Nov. 3-5), to be determined.
Location: Studio or auditorium in San Francisco.

Potential article of impeachment segments will address high crimes and misdemeanors as categorized by: interference with elections, abuses of immigrants, neglect of public welfare (e.g. Puerto Rico after Maria), racism, misogyny, sexual assault, homophobia, bigotry, threats against opponents, attacks on the press, lying, nepotism, emoluments, bribery, financial crimes, maladministration, disrespect for law, reckless and corrupt foreign relations, and environmental and climatic damage. (That should cover most of it!)
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