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Thank you for choosing to port your Port your telephone number(s) to Number People.  

Whether you want to port your home phone number, business landline or enterprise ISDN numbers to our network, we can normally do it.

As an Ofcom registered telecoms network, we can port telephone numbers in from all major UK providers and the majority of smaller providers as well, however we cannot port international (non UK originated) or UK mobile numbers.

Please fill in the following details and a member of our customer services team will contact you within working hours (UK Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) to complete this process.

After submitting this form we will raise a support ticket via email and will ask you to provide us with a recent copy of a bill/account screenshot for the number(s) that you wish to port in to us.  This must match the details given.

Depending on the losing provider, we may also require a Letter Of Authority (LOA) on headed paper, an example of which we can provide.

Most geographic numbers (starting 01/02/03) will have no monthly cost, however some ported in telephone numbers may cost £2 per month (depending on the losing provider and number type) and non geographic numbers may also incur a porting in fee.  We will inform you of any porting costs involved in this process when we contact you regarding your application.  

Number Porting normally takes between 5 - 14 days to complete.

If your telephone number has previously been ported then we will need to know about this as we will need to approach the original provider for the porting request.

DO NOT CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT OR GIVE NOTICE TO YOUR PROVIDER - If you give cancellation notice to your current provider then the porting request will fail, and subsequent requests will incur a charge.  The account will normally cancel automatically once the port has completed, however if this does not happen then it is your responsibility to arrange any cancellation past the point at which the number lands on our network.

Free number porting does not include any costs charged by the losing provider.  
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