Registration form for scholarship / Enrollment to the trimester of ICD Program 2019/20 - Modulo d' iscrizione selezione /borsa di studio ed inserimento ai trimestri ICD program 2019/20
Fill the form for Selection (enrolment and assignment of scholarships) only if seriously interested in the entire program of contemporary dance NOD

We offer:

1 full scholarship 100% for male dancer each trimester
5 partial 50% scholarships for the whole Academic year
5 scholarship for the 1st semester (September /March)
5 scholarship for the 3rd trimester (April /June)

Academic year 2019/20:
1st trimester September 9 - December 21
2nd trimester January 7th - March 29th only 2 scholarship
3rd trimester April 1 - June 28

Next selection dates:
Every session week with the same teacher of ICD Program or July Summer Program, this will be at your expense.

The International Contemporary Dance Program is open to dance students aged 18 and up, with a strong contemporary and ballet technique.
ICD Program is not a dance academy, the program is directed to professional dancers, teachers, selected dance academies with students that are in their final year that need to fullfill an internship for 3 months and dancers that are highly motivated and interested in the NOD program.

To participate in selection for assignment of the scholarship requirements are:
- Be aged between 18 and 25 years
- Have a strong base of contemporary dance
- Well seriously interested in the NOD program
- Annual membership which includes insurance is required even in case of scholarship
- to attend the selection during a workshop/selection choosen by you

Rules valid for scholarship holders important to know
- At the end of the course a certificate will be released, only to those who have been present at least 95% of the total hours.
- Absences must be justified by a doctor in case of illness for more then 3 days. In the event of absences due to participation of auditions, 2 week prior communication is mandatory.
- To avoid that the scholarship and 3 month program loses its value, there will only and exclusively be allowed no more than 6 days of absence, due to participation for auditions. The scholarship can be revoked at the discretion of the Artistic Direction for this reason.

Per accedere all'Intero Programma è necessario:
- possedere un livello avanzato di danza contemporanea,
- avere essere maggiorenni
- essere interessati all'intero programma
- partecipare ad un workshop/selezione alla Nod scelto da voi

Per partecipare alla selezione per assegnazione di borsa di studio i requisiti necessari sono :
- avere una solida base di danza contemporanea
- essere seriamente interessati al programma NOD
- l'adesione annuale che comprende l'assicurazione è necessaria anche in caso di frequenza con borsa di studio
- partecipare ad un workshop/selezione alla Nod scelto da voi

The entire program will be updated on the website /Intero programma aggiornato pubblicato sul link:
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