Consultation on Main Street, Menston

In January 2020,Climate Action Menston started a process to listen to people's views about Main Street. As a group focusing on the Climate Emergency, working on how we reduce our carbon emissions through our travel and transport is a key strategy. Having gathered the views of about 50 people using post- it notes on a hand drawn map, Covid 19 lockdown occurred.

Now it is May and so much has changed - no travel to school, virtually no commuting but lots of walking and cycling in the village,with many people saying how much better it feels. It is also good for our carbon emissions!

Government policy on easing the lockdown is aimed at maintaining physical distancing and we are being encouraged to walk or cycle; to avoid crowded public transport and not to get back in our cars. They are encouraging people to put forward ideas in their local areas that could lead to temporary and possibly long term changes to roads and pavement.

CAM had already been thinking along these lines and have been researching what other villages and town have been doing or plan to do. There are more links on our website. Various straplines abound: From Traffic Dominance to Civilised Space; Shared Space etc. We are thinking along the lines of "The car is not king - Priority for People"

So CAM would like to hear your views about Main Street: to see if you would like things to change - how we might do it would be the next stage.

We have divided up Main Street into sections in order to gather your comments: whether you walk, drive, cycle , use a wheelchair, mobility scooter, scooter; whatever age you are, please let us know what you think.

Please consider how you use the road; can you cross where and when you wish without feeling at risk; do you let your 8 year old travel to school on their own? What about pavements or lack of them?

If you want to keep up to date with what Climate Action Menston are doing, please give us your email at the end of the survey. Many thanks.
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