Oakland Slow Streets Feedback Form
This form seeks feedback from community members on the following two components of the Oakland Slow Streets Program:
1) Any input on current streets with "soft closures" - cones, signage and barriers indicating Road Closed to Thru Traffic
2) Streets under consideration for the next round of "soft closures"
3) The complete set of Slow Streets that may receive "soft closures" in the future (we are discouraging thru traffic along these corridors currently)
Oakland Slow Streets Program Map (see key for more details and the "Documents" on the main webpage, which has a higher resolution map and a list of streets and cross streets: https://www.oaklandca.gov/projects/oakland-slow-streets)
Name, affiliation and contact information (optional)
Do you have any feedback on the existing soft closure streets implemented on April 11? Please share as many specific points as you'd like.
Do you have any feedback on the candidates for April 18th soft closures? Please note that the City intends to implement about half of the corridors shown on the map and looks forward to your input.
Do you have feedback on the other streets shown in grey that may receive soft closures in the future?
Anything else?
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