Tempe Festival of the Arts - Fall 2019 Acceptance Form
You have been invited to the Tempe Festival of the Arts Fall 2019. There are three steps to completing your acceptance and all must be complete before you are placed on the map. Your time stamp is when you complete all three steps:

Step 1 - Accept through ZAPPlication
Step 2 - Pay for your booth in full
Step 3 - Complete this form

Answers provided in this form will be used to create the program, booth signs and website landing pages. Please make sure that all data is accurate including spelling, capitalization, etc. Again, this is EXACTLY how your information will appear to the public.
Artist Full Name (to appear on booth sign) *
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Business Name *
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City, State *
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Collaborator (only if they will be in attendance) *
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Artist Cell (to be used during event) *
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Regarding Liability Insurance, I you do not have your own policy, you agree to hold Tempe Festival of the Arts, Downtown Tempe Authority, and the City of Tempe harmless for any damages done to my property AND I am responsible for any damages done to the property of others due to my own negligence. *
My booth preference is ... (be as specific as you would like - include specific booth number or area, include information about sun exposure, neighbors, etc. No booth is guaranteed and if your request cannot be honored, the most similar booth will be assigned.) *
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Please check all below that are true:
I have read and agree to all Acceptance/Participation rules and regulations included in the acceptance email (and also found on www.tempefestivalofthearts.com). *
I understand that my Time Stamp for the purpose of booth placement is based on 1) Acceptance on Zapp 2) Booth payment in full and 3) Completion of this form. *
I understand that no booth placements are guaranteed. *
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