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“Empowering lasting cultural exchange grounded in shared local perspectives”

Welcome to the ABCD workshop in PORI 12th of November 2019at 11:00 to 17:00

11h00 - 12h00    Arrival of participants, LUNCH available for own cost (10€, cash only)
12h00 - 14h00   1st  PART workshop (with coffee breaks)
14h30 - 17h00    2nd PART workshop (with coffee breaks)

As cultural initiative for international co-operation between cultural practitioners from across the Baltic Sea Region ARS BALTICA facilitates and encourages exchange with the aim to emphasize the importance of culture for our modern societies. Advocating for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promoting the cultural life around the Baltic Sea is the overarching aim. The platform has tree main action fields:
> EXCHANGE: Bringing cultural practitioners and stakeholders from the region together
> EXPERTISE: Providing cultural practitioners from the Baltic Sea Region with expertise
> OUTREACH: provide on- and offline visibility for the indipendent BSR cultural scene

In Pori, our workshop will concentrate on the following themes:

Community building in challenging times
Community building is about trashing the comfort of playing with your peers and selling only your successes. In an age where transformation is the name, but status quo is often the game, there is a strong need to improve the impact of common action. What does the map of your actions look like, and how do you bring others in there with you? Build a community that surprises you, challenges you, and carries you further.

Culture as a driving force for Sustainability
In the Baltic 2030 SDG Report, 7 avenues are drawn for the region to improve its sustainable impact. At least three of these depend highly on cultural interventions. Common understanding, collaboration, motivating youth. But maybe the real challenge for culture is to take the goals and become more than human, more than culture, more than good enough. Culture is where ‘the goals’ can finally feel real.
- Learn about Community building tools
- Connecting the SDGs to your everyday cultural practice
- Being part of a growing Cultural Network


For more information, please contact:

Local Arrangements:
Kati Fager, +358 40 57 69 010

Marcus Hagemann, +49 43 31 14 38 67 or +49 43 31 14 38 68

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