Syllabus Verification for Drama
Drama promotes learning the essential vocabulary and processes of theatre as well as reading, writing, and researching theatre literature, acting and technical theatre. Acting experience in this course includes exploring the concepts of self, body and voice work, improvisation, acting techniques, and reading and writing related to theatre study. In addition, students learn about and reflect on various aspects of theatre through history, as well as the various forms of theatre and stage-related media. This course develops creativity and spontaneity in those students wanting to explore theatre. Students will also be responsible for a number of performing activities, such as dramatic interpretations, pantomimes, monologues, scenes and one-act plays- with the ultimate goal of putting on a production at the end of the school semester.

High school elective classes are intended to give students independence, creativity and self-confidence. Please keep in mind that your experience in this class is in your own hands- choose your own adventure! You also EARN your grade, I do not “give” it to you. All students begin the school year with an “A”. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain it. This is a project-based course and most projects will take several days in class to complete. There are two grading categories-

Participation- 75% You are here to work on your theater abilities- nothing more, nothing less. You are expected to be practicing and applying your skills for the duration of class time. You will earn 10 points a day for participating in DRAMA! Yes, just like P.E.!

Projects/Assignments - 25%

The assignments/expectations of this course include but are not limited to-

Developing dramatic ability- this will often consist of a project specific skill such as learning to use a stage voice. As the semester progresses projects and themes will become more challenging.
Learn to express themselves creatively
Observe- Students should take in information regarding theater at every opportunity
Reflect on what has been learned- students must analyze their own work in a intelligent way and apply new knowledge to subsequent projects.
Stretch and explore
Better understand the world of theater

To boost student achievement there are “PLUS” periods for each class period; giving struggling students an opportunity to work in a small group setting with the instructor.*
*Due to the studio/project based nature of this course “PLUS” period may not always be utilized and may be used as enrichment time in our class.

All students receive at least 3 grade notices through the semester; however, all students may request grade checks from me ANYTIME! I encourage all of you to be responsible and check your grade with me often. Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows parents to monitor their student's’ progress in every class. Information regarding the Parent Portal can be given through the FHS website and the office. In addition parents should feel welcome to e-mail or call Mrs. Cottingham to discuss any issues.

You will be expected to respect others, me as your teacher, property and yourself. This is a hate free classroom- insults, derogatory language or any other forms of disrespect will not be tolerated. You will all be treated as young adults as long as you behave that way. Having respect includes respecting property- that includes our supplies, chairs, tables and beautiful campus. Please show your respect by taking care of these things.
As young adults you must be responsible for yourself. Be on time and prepared. If you’re not on time and prepared accept the consequences without complaint. When you are absent or missing any assignments it is up to you to come to me and make-up the work! It is your job to do your best and be responsible, and it is my job to guide you to greatness!!!!

Bathroom- Students may use the bathroom one at a time and need to take the pass. Let the instructor know when you leave and DO NOT ABUSE this policy, it may be revoked.

Food/Drink- food and beverages are allowed in the classroom as long as they are not distracting and you clean up after yourself. In the theater however FOOD IS NOT ALLOWED.

Cell Phones/Chromebooks- All devices must be put away while the instructor is talking/and or giving assignments. Using your phone/computer as a music player while independently working is allowed, but there is to be no texting, game playing or other distracting uses of your phone or computer in class. Chromebooks are a great tool for researching but will be taken away if you are not using them FOR EDUCATION as agreed upon in your “appropriate internet/computer use” agreement.

Use of Class time- Class time is expected to be spent working on assignments. Students will not be allowed to defer completing Projects/assignments at later time. Only when students are done with all theater assignments will they be allowed to work on homework from other classes or an other school related task. You are here to improve your skills for life, not for Clash of Clans. Work on being the best possible version of yourself while you're here.

The theater program at this school is run in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. This will only work if students are RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE and behave like the young adults they are. There will be times when you will be given the responsibility to complete tasks, rehearse, set build etc. without my direct presence. I expect you to be safe and mature at all times. Do not take advantage of the trust I am giving you.
You may be removed permanently from this class if you do any of the following:
* Dangerous or destructive misuse of tools/supplies/props/sets-
* Leaving the area you are expected to be in- the theater or classroom.
* This should go without saying BUT fighting, or any dangerous physical “playing” or “wrestling”.

It is essential that I have absolute trust in this atmosphere!

Please understand that this class will have times/opportunities for students to work independently in the theater in areas (backstage, etc.) where I will not always be directly present (the theater is large). If you have any concerns about your student being safe and responsible when they are independently working please discuss other class options with our counselor. Thank you.

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