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8th grade
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Please use this sample copy of the registration form to help you in making your selections. The due date for completing this form is April 20, 2020
Semester Exploratory Choices
All students can take up to 4 semesters of exploratory courses. All students will be enrolled in one semester of PE, leaving 3 semesters to fill. In this first section, please choose 4 exploratory classes that you are interested in taking. The schedule of classes is built based on students' requests, so it is important to make your choices carefully. We make every effort to enroll students in courses they have requested, but we cannot guarantee it.
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Year-long Exploratory Choices
Students can choose one year-long exploratory class. If you choose a year-long course, it will take two of your 4 semesters. Students who take a year-long class will be enrolled in that year-long class, PE, and one more semester class. You do not have to select a course in this section.
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