Bullying and Harassment in Mental Health Services (Camden and Islington service users survey) 2021
Thank you for helping us tackle this issue. This form is anonymous so we cannot take up any complaints, but we will use the information to find out where there might be problems. Please complete a new response for each incident if there is more than one. Only fill in the questions that you want to answer. We understand that this can be a difficult area if you have experienced bullying.
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In general, within C&I services or service user groups or forums, have you been aware of bullying or harassment...
Would you like to tell us more here about bullying...
Was the bullying by one person acting alone, a couple of people or a group?
Have you personally been bullied...
If you have personally been bullied or harassed, how did this affect you?
Did you feel able to speak up about your experience?
Do you feel that if you speak up about bullying or harassment that there will be a good outcome?
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Where did the bullying or harassment happen? Please name the service, centre, group or department if you feel comfortable.
Is there anything you want to tell us about what happened?
How have you managed? What support do you get/did you get?
Do you have any suggestions that might make things better or safer? How can we best tackle bullying and harassment? Are there resources that you think we should know about?
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