Dec. 13 Meeting RSVP Form
We are holding a Welcome Meeting on Sunday, December 13 at 6-8pm, via Zoom to plan for our strategy in the coming year. If you are a renter in Washtenaw County interested in getting involved with us, please mark your calendar for this meeting, it’s a great moment to join us! We’ll be discussing some of the work the union has already done, and thinking up new ways to grow and better help our community.

Please answer these quick questions to get a sense of you and your interests.

A2 Tenants Union serves tenants in ALL of Washtenaw County. Our work includes tenant organizing, paralegal assistance, court support, and anti-eviction defense. This form is CONFIDENTIAL. *Only* tenant union organizers can see your responses. The purpose of this form is to help us keep track of the kinds of problems that tenants face in Washtenaw County. We will work hard to get back to you in 48 hours.
If you are being evicted, call our number at 440-482-1968.
For a housing emergency, call HAWC 734-961-1999 or United Way 2-1-1.
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Will you be attending the meeting on Dec. 13th from 6-8pm on Zoom? *
In the Dec. 13th meeting we will be doing breakout rooms in which we explain and discuss some of the work the union has done and wants to do. Which is the most interesting to you?
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Are you interested in helping with the following:
What ideas do you have for our union going forward?
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Do you have any grievances with your landlord/rental company? E.g. not keeping the apartment in reasonable repair, ignoring work requests, entering the apartment without sufficient notice. More information on your rights here:
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