2023 Community Partners Executive Leaders Network Questionnaire  

Dear Partner-

Welcome, and congratulations on being invited to complete a questionnaire to aid in development of networks of the future and continually building new communities.  We pride ourselves on being deeply engaged in the success of communities and we don't take lightly the opportunity to make a lasting impact.  With this in mind, we are continually building value for executives / leaders, additionally officials that hold leadership roles within their respective organizations.  

Human capital has been the invisible force fueling our economic leaps throughout history.  As such, we only connect with a limited amount of leaders who share the same philosophies and agenda, being super connectors with the ability to identify and leverage profitable networks.  Our primarily industries that we target consists of media/marketing/creative/technology and finance/investment executives or those leaders that are looking to gain resources or access within these disciplines.

We believe, in addition to creating an atmosphere of success, it is essential to associate with professionals who hold high emphasis on building relationships and collaboration.  All these characteristics and many more impact the overall picture of developing a more sustainable, innovative-economic environment of the future.

Best Regards,

Josh Kimbrough
Community Partners

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Synergy Analysis
The final step is qualifying ideal Community Partners, people holding community engagement and connecting at a high priority as essential for sustainable long-term growth.  
How important is mentorship?   *
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Do you consider yourself a community leader or strive to be a leader within your community? *
3. Are you open to new ideas and strategies to help grow your organization or community? *
4. Are you active in your community and or desire to engage more within your community?   *
We believe once you’ve received something of substance & value its fair to pay it forward.
5. Are you open to connecting with like-minded leaders from diverse backgrounds? *
What value do you and your organization bring to our global network of leaders? Value to community?
Community Partners is all about empowering community in the most meaningful ways.  Are you and your organization committed to continually improving community and giving back? If so, in what ways?
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