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Care Ministry: Request Encourager/Biblical Counsel
Being a Christ follower does not preclude us from finding ourselves either stuck or hurting. The Bible clearly says that we are to "comfort others with the comfort we have received." Ministering to each other would be a natural part of our environment as a body of believers, and through that belief, the Encourager ministry was birthed.

Reaching out to another mature, trained believer, in a confidential environment, can be an incredibly brave moment in your life. Jesus said he came with "grace and truth" ...that's what drives the Encourager Ministry. Leaning into another person's hurt with grace and empathy is always our first step. But comforting does not stop there. Jesus said, the truth shall set you free." Allowing someone to speak truth to our story brings healing and hope.

Most people can be helped by meeting with a trained Encourager which includes meeting together 2-3 times. However, If you believe that you need to go straight to Biblical Counseling, which could mean several indepth sessions working with a Biblical Counselor, please indicate on page 2 of this form.

Thank you for your willingness to take this step by filling out this request form. It will begin the process that we pray will bring freedom and victory in your life.


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