2019 Nomination Form for Church Council Vacancies
Those who wish to nominate candidates for Church Council vacancies are asked to please fill out this form completely. Candidates must be current and active members of Cross of Christ.

A person has the right to nominate himself/herself.

This completed form must be submitted by Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Background on the Church Council:
*Comprised of nine members from the congregation.
*Council members are elected to a three year term.
*Council members shall serve no more than 2 consecutive terms.
*Responsible for matters related to the operations of Cross of Christ .
*Typically meets monthly.
*Seeking Christ centered members willing to lead and provide oversight.
*Shall assist the Pastor(s) in all matters relating to the spiritual welfare of the Congregation.
*Shall watch over the life, doctrine and administration of the office of the Pastor(s) and the called staff. Will monitor the welfare of the Pastor(s), called and administrative staff and provide pastoral care as appropriate. The Council shall supervise the Senior Pastor and ensure proper supervision of the staff.
*Shall transact or supervise the transaction of all legal and general business of the Congregation.
*Shall supervise an annual audit of the financial operations of the church.
*Shall conduct business within the limitations of the total Annual Budget as approved by the Voter’s Assembly.
*Shall annually report to the Voter’s Assembly on the organizational and financial condition of the Congregation.
*Recommends an Annual Budget at the Voter’s Assembly.

Nomination Process
*Nominations are accepted from the congregation until Sunday April 7, 2019.
*Potential candidates must complete a follow up questionnaire and will be interviewed by members of the Nomination Committee.
*The Nomination committee will recommends candidates to the Church Council by the May Council meeting.
*At the June Voter’s Meeting the congregation elects the new Council Members.
*In July the New Council Members start attending Council meetings.

On behalf of the Church Council and the Nominating Committee thank you for your thoughtful and prayerful participation in this important process.

Any questions - please email Kirsten Kozel @ Kirstenk6472@gmail.com

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