Seasonal apprenticeship at Orrevik Farm
Welcome and thank you for your interest about the apprenticeship at our family farm.

Below are a few questions to get us started. Once you've answered them all, I'll get back to you, and we can see what is a good way forward for both of us.

Warm regards
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Why does an apprenticeship with us interest you? *
What would you hope to learn from this apprenticeship? *
How do you feel about exchanging learning for physical work on the farm? *
What skills, experiences or passions would you bring to the apprenticeship? *
What if any is your previous relationship to nature, and experience of farming or carpentry? *
What if any previous experience do you have of personal development, men's work, mentoring or other ways of deepening your journey in life? *
Do you fully accept that this is a volunteer exchange and you will not receive monetary compensation for your time as an apprentice? *
Do you have any questions for me?
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