2018 NELA/RILA Overall Conference Attendee Survey
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Sunday Keynote Speaker (Cyndee Sturgis-Landrum)
Sunday Annual Banquet (Margaret Willison)
Monday General Lunch (Podcast)
Monday NERTCL Lunch - (Tracey Baptiste)
Tuesday Morning President Talk (Loida Garcia-Febo)
Tuesday Lunch (Gregory Maguire)
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Sunday Pre-Conference
General Sessions
Sunday Reception & Wine Toss
NELA Games
Bookstore & Author Signings
Duck Hunt in Exhibit Hall
Monday Night Dine Around
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Additional comments on the programs & special events?
Anything else you would like to share with us about the 2018 NELA Conference?
We look forward to seeing you in 2019 in Mystic, CT at the Marriott Mystic Hotel & Spa, Oct. 20th - 22nd!
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