Edusave Character Award Nomination 2018
Edusave Awards are given by the government annually to Singaporean pupils to enhance educational opportunities and motivate pupils to excel in schools in academic and non-academic domains.

ECHA Award: All Singaporean students are eligible for the Edusave Character Award which is given to recognise students for demonstrating exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behavior and actions. Students must attain an overall conduct grade of at least 'Very good' to be eligible for this award. The awards are given to a maximum of 2% of Singaporean students in each school at the end of the year.

Students may be nominated for their exemplary character in the following area/s:
1. Demonstrate self-awareness and self- management skills to achieve personal well- being and effectiveness.
2. Able to apply moral reasoning, display responsibility in decision making, and demonstrate integrity to stand by moral principles and shared values.
3. Demonstrate social awareness and interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships.
4. Demonstrate resilience in the face of individual, community and national challenges, and develop the ability to turn challenges to opportunities.
5. Show appreciation to our national identity, develop a sense of belonging to Singapore, and demonstrate commitment to the well- being, security and dense of the nation.
6. Demonstrate socio- cultural sensitivity and promote social cohesion and harmony in Singapore as a multi- cultural society.
7. Demonstrate care for others and contribute actively towards improving the lives of others to build a bright future for ourselves and to progress together as one nation.
8. Demonstrate the ability to reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues, and to make informed and responsible decisions as a citizen.

If you have any queries, please approach Mrs Vivien Low (ext 724) to clarify.

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