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Hello and thanks for your interest in MAC FAIR!
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"I hereby grant permission for the organizers of MAC FAIR to contact me regarding this and future events." Please be aware that due to Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, if you do not grant permission, we are unable to move forward with you application as we would be unable to confirm your acceptance.
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Hand-made by YOU? Please note that we will ONLY consider those who make their OWN items. Don't even think about trying to pull the wool over our eyes. The public is coming to these shows to see handmade goods, not imports with the tags taken off. *
Artisan Statement *
What you write in this section will be used for jurying. Please be sure to mention the name of your company in the blurb. We're looking for 2-5 sentences, including such details as what inspires you, what makes your craft unique, how you describe your style.
What types of items, specifically, would you plan to showcase at the event? *
We use this information for table placement. We keep artisans of the same category separated as best we can and try to spread similar items out. For example, if you're a knitter, we will do our best to keep you away from another knitter who is focusing on, say... mittens. Also, if for example you're a baker and 80% of what you make is cookies, let us know so that we can plan accordingly.
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We will be sending you mail through Canada Post in the fall. For real, looking up postal codes is a pain in the... neck. So just do it, okay? ;)
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Returning Artisans: Assuming you were accepted, please indicate here if you would like the same spot or a different spot.
Requests will be looked at in the order that registrations & payments are received.
New Artisans (or Returning Artisans requesting a Different Space): Assuming you were accepted, what are your space requirements?
Table Selection: We will do our best to accommodate requests, but we can't make any promises. First priority will go to returning artisans. **Requests will be allocated in the order that registrations & payments are received.**
Relevant Mobility Issues
Please let us know if you will need extra support due to mobility issues. Please note that we only have about 5 spots that are close to the doors, so be reasonable with your requests.
Would you need a table? *
We're happy to provide tables but don't want to order more of them than needed, so let us know. The space allocated is approximately 7 feet wide by 4-5 feet deep to accommodate for a 6 foot table and room for sitting. We have a ton of chairs, so there are more than enough of those regardless.
Collaborative Marketing: "As an Artisan, I pledge to help promote and endorse MAC FAIR in any way I can. I know that if all participants do this, we can create a successful event for everyone, and that is something I want to be a part of." *
About a month before the event, we send out a package to our artisans, with passes and posters. Please indicate AT LEAST FIVE SPECIFIC (INDOOR) locations where you could put up posters, and how many you require. *
We work very hard to promote this event, but with everyone helping, the potential customer reach grows tremendously. We want this place packed on event day! FYI: The passes are promotional business cards that give the holder a BONUS ticket to our raffle.
What payment option would you be choosing? *
Please note, we have adjusted our pricing to be more in line with other similar events. While we love MAC FAIR and the sense of community it supports, the volunteer organizers spend literally hundreds of hours preparing for this event. All proceeds go to help students at the school and support student-led initiatives. We have been told for years that we advertise harder, bring out a loyal & large crowd of buyers each year and provide a much higher level of service than any other event in the city. As such, our profit margin has been just too low in comparison to the amount of work that goes into the event and does not justify the amount of work and time away from our own families in the months leading up to event day. We realize that this may cause some artisans to turn away, but we need to respect our own efforts.
If you would be donating an item for the Raffle, please provide a short (5 words or less) description for our promotional use.
Do you have a Square for taking credit card payments? *
I understand that this is a juried event, and as explained in the Artisan Selection Process section on the website, the jurying process involves many factors, including the need to balance out the show and keep things fresh. As such, I understand that both mathematically and logistically speaking, having been in the event in the past cannot not guarantee a spot in the future. Artisans go through the jurying process each year. It also means that the jury has to make difficult decisions and turn down quality artisans. The jurying process is a long one and the jury considers hundreds of applications. While we do provide the courtesy of an email to those who are not successful, we simply cannot provide details about why an artisan was not selected to participate in the event.. * *
CRAFT FAIR AGREEMENT: It is understood that by completing this online application form, you have read and agree to the following: SELECTION CRITERIA: We pride ourselves on presenting a wide variety of local unusual, original, quality hand-made crafts. Interested artisans are invited to fill out an application and submit to this juried show. A selection committee will look over your photos and will then make their choice based on originality, creativity, marketability, general appeal, and quality of craft as well as ensuring a balance of categories of crafts. While we do send out an email as a courtesy to unsuccessful candidates, we receive many, many application and cannot get into details of why they were not accepted. A committee will look over your application and photos and final decisions will be made by end of May for our Christmas event. Emails will be sent to successful and unsuccessful candidates once jurying has been completed. CAUSES: This craft fair is a social justice and a fundraising endeavour on the part of Immaculata. We raise funds for various groups and projects that assist those who have so much less. Our main school philanthropy projects will benefit from MAC FAIR each year, with money going towards our Christmas Hamper Program, which provides nutritious food to hungry families within our school community, as well as DREAM (Dominican Republic Experience at MAC) Team fundraising - our social justice experience program. Money raised goes to initiatives spearheaded by the Grey Sisters in and around the town of Consuelo, Dominican Republic. In addition, there will be several school groups, teams and clubs who will work together to promote and help out at MAC FAIR to raise money for their groups. These will change from event to event, but typically include School Council, Athletic Council and several other school and social justice groups. TABLES: 6 foot tables with two chairs for $80 if you donate a prize to the raffle table (Retail value of $20), or $100 if you do not. If you do not wish the table, we still charge the same amount for the space. There is about one foot between tables. ELECTRICAL OUTLETS: Please note that power outlets are very limited. You may request it if absolutely necessary but we may not be able to accommodate everyone. You will need to provide your own extension cord. ARRIVAL: All artisans are expected to arrive between 8:15 am and 9:00 am on event day, depending on the time you need to set up. Please do not arrive after 9:00 am as you need to register, set up, locate washrooms,drop off your Raffle Prize at the table, etc. All artisans are expected to have their tables set up by 9:30, at which time all artisans will meet in front off the stage for a short meeting. After this this is the artisan shopping spree time. Your first coffee is on us and we plan to have it ready to go for 9:30. We are working toward our Eco-School certification, so please bring your own mug to help us cut down our use of disposables. UNLOADING VEHICLES: We are known for being a full-serve event in that we will have teams of students available who will unload your vehicle for you and bring your items to your table. ARRIVAL AT TABLE: When you get to your table, you will see that there is a number on it. Please keep this visible throughout the day so that we can find you easily. Your survey sheet will also be at your table. DURING THE EVENT: Please note that bulletin boards, extension cords, tablecloths, etc... are not provided. Artisans must NOT infringe on another artisan’s space. HELP DURING THE EVENT: There will be two student volunteers in bright yellow shirts serving as Artisan Relief. Their job will be to circulate around the rooms and supervise your table for you if you need to grab a coffee, take a bathroom break, or do some shopping. Don't be shy to ask! DEPARTURE: Out of courtesy to customers and your fellow artisans, all artisans are expected to maintain their table(s) for the duration of the Craft Fair and not to pack up their goods or leave prior to 3:00 p.m, even if you sell out before the end of the day. Our student volunteers will be available to help you bring items back out to your vehicle. *
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: By completing this form as an artisan, you agree to the following terms: “I understand that as an exhibitor, my products/services, table, displays and likeness may be photographed. I agree to being photographed at MAC FAIR. In addition, I agree to allow these photos to be used for promotional purposes. I understand that I may not share or sublet my table without the show organizer's permission. I understand that if I am a food seller, I must display all allergy warnings at my table. I understand that any photos and logos I submit as a part of the application process may be used on promotional materials for the show. I understand that if I am a 'no show' (i.e. accepted to the show, pay the table fee and then I do not show up to the show without notifying the organizers), that it may affect whether or not I am accepted to future editions of the show, and that refunds will not be issued for cancellations within one month of the event. I understand that I am legally liable for any negative consequences resulting from the purchase or consumption of my products. I understand and agree that producers of MAC FAIR are not legally liable for any merchandise, behaviour or equipment and therefore cannot be held responsible for any injury, death or negative consequence as a result of an artisan’s participation in the show. I understand that MAC FAIR reserves the right to restrict any artisan's participation in the show at any time.” *
Acceptance of Smoking Policy *
It is illegal to smoke on school property. If you are a smoker, you will need to have someone watch your table and go all the way to the sidewalk before lighting up. You may NOT smoke anywhere on the property, especially on our new field/track enclosure - we don’t event allow food or drinks out there. If this will be a problem for you, please do not apply.
We will be doing jurying during the first two weeks of May and notices will go out in mid-May. Each week leading up to the application deadline, we will send out confirmation emails to those whose applications have been received. *
YOU'RE NOT DONE YET! You need to send pics to, indicating your Business Name as well as your First and Last Name IN THE SUBJECT LINE. Please remember that in order for the jury to review your application you MUST send 3-4 pics that clearly give a good sense of your products. Your pics are a large factor in the jurying process, so ensure that they show your products in the best light. Photos that are blurry or have other items in them will NOT be included in our marketing. Also include a pic of your table setup if you have one, as well as your company logo. These pics will be used for jurying as well as marketing closer to the event. *
Jurors and organizers unanimously agree that the best thing applicants can do to improve their chances of getting into our show is to provide high quality photographs. The care and consideration you give your work must carry over to your photographs. To some artists, this can seem unfair. For any event, you are likely competing with artists who appreciate the importance and will put forth the time and effort to get great pictures. Our definition of good photographs: simple, good lighting, no busy background, close-up as possible of details, and clear/focused. Ideally, pics should be on a white background. The jury does its best to be fair to all the applicants, but while your dog is probably a sweetheart and your couch is lovely, please don’t send us photos with them in the background! We do try very hard to look through bad pictures to see the quality of work they present, however, we cannot display low quality pictures for marketing purposes, so you would miss out at that end too. Be sure to include variety in the images of your work. We need to see different pieces. Five images of the same product from different angles, or of the same product in five different colours, doesn't give us much to go on. We need to see different products in your line, but one cohesive body of work. Our jury looks forward to checking out your stuff!
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