SOMA XLVIII Delegate Application
Every student wishing to participate in SOMA XLVIII must complete this application by February 1, 2020.

If you wish to apply for the SOMA XLVIII Scholarship, please do so here:
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Do you wish to participate in the Historical Crisis committee? *
Participants in Historical Crisis committees are given the circumstances of a crisis that occurred in history and, through a series of events, will be made to invent a solution to the crisis. This year's Historical Crisis will soon be announced.
SOMA Experience
If you have previously attended SOMA, please indicate which conference you have attended.
Why is Model UN important to you? What do you look forward to gaining from your experience at SOMA XLVIII? *
Feel free to include references to any previous MUN, debating, and public speaking experiences, or to any other relevant information. 100 words maximum
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Please choose an issue of pressing international concern and discuss Canada's role in relation to it. In your opinion, what could Canada do differently or more effectively to address the issue? *
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