RMR Hall of Fame Nomination: Player and/or Referee
Thank you for taking the time to help recognize an outstanding player or referee whose on the pitch physicality, leadership and rugby skills had a fabulously positive impact on the success of each team’s match productivity.
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1. Athleticism: Describe what skills the NOMINEE has consistently displayed clearly above his/her peers. *
2. Rugby Knowledge: Describe how NOMINEE has shown awareness of rules/field g-p-s, etc. *
3. Team Ethic: Describe how NOMINEE has demonstrated superior commitment to team over self. *
4. Attitude: Describe how NOMINEE has demonstrated superior commitment to the game and will to win. *
5. Intangibles: Describe how NOMINEE has enhanced/encouraged the level of teammates game(s). *
6. Leadership: Describe how NOMINEE showed the attributes of a leader on the field, whether by intent or example, *
7. Playing and/or Reffing History: *
8. Honors: MVPs or other recognitions awarded NOMINEE by Union, Tournament, Club, etc. *
9. Example: Describe a situation/story that demonstrated NOMINEE'S superior action. *
10. Contributions: in the community, non-playing. *
10. Contributions: in the community, non-playing. *
11. Other: Things that should be considered. *
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