Discovery Special Academy
Section 10 Consultation
1. Funding Agreement
In order for Discovery Special Academy to open as an academy within Tees Valley Education Trust, TVED will need to enter into a contract (called a Funding Agreement) with the Department for Education (DfE). This is a standard document used by all free schools and academies and is a key legal step towards opening. A copy of the model funding agreement for special free schools can be found here:

Do you support the proposal that Discovery Special Academy should enter into a Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State?
Please add any further comments below.
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2. Admissions
A copy of Discovery Special Academy’s Statement of Provision is available on the Academy website along with further information about admissions.
Do you support the admissions statement of provision and related referral and commissioning arrangements?
Please add any further questions or comments about the proposed admissions arrangements below.
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3. Equalities
Do you think that the proposed Discovery Special Academy will raise any equal opportunities issues? If so please answer below.
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4. Your involvement
As with all schools in the trust, TVED wants Discovery Special Academy to be a central part of the community.
Would you be interested in getting involved with the school once it is open or have any ideas for how the academy and premises might be used to support the local community?
If you do have any ideas please outline them in the box below.
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5. Other
As with all schools in the trust, TVED wants Discovery Special Academy to be a central part of the community.
If you have any further thoughts about the plans for Discovery Special Academy, please use the space below.
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6. About you
Please select which applies to you
If not listed above, please comment below.
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7. Contact
If you would like to hear more about Discovery Special Academy in the future, please provide us with your contact information below.This information will be kept confidential.
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Consultation period
This Section 10 Consultation opens Monday 8th January 2018 and closes Monday 5th February 2018 (5pm).
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