Textbook Orders - Place Now for Fall 2017

Textbook Ordering Guide

To accommodate the rapidly-changing market for textbooks and academic publishing, we are putting into place some policies and guidelines to help educators navigate what types of books we are able to order, and which are harder to get for students. This policy will be updated at the beginning of every semester. Below are some notes to help you order for the spring!

1. We ask you to submit the form at least three weeks before the start of the course in order to ensure the books arrive in time. If titles are ordered within two weeks of when they are required in class, we cannot guarantee that distributors will be able to ship within that time period. Simply submitting the form does not mean we will be able to order the books for you. We will email you back generally within the next few days either confirming the order or discussing any issues along the way with you.

2. Generally Bluestockings will not carry any title that costs over $50 per copy. We are committed to keeping educational texts accessibly priced for students. As well, independent bookstore can risk taking a loss on the order if only a few sell, after any potential return fees and freight. We are happy to look for alternate publications with you that may be lower in price. If there are multiple editions of a title you requested, we can check for you what editions are most readily available for order.

3. If you are the author of the textbook you will be teaching from this semester and are interested in us carrying copies on consignment, please let us know! Carrying titles on consignment often provides us with many more options as to what titles we are able to carry, and means that we do not have to wait to meet a minimum from the distributor to order if it's a title that makes sense for us to order.

4. Class visit: We are very happy to arrange a class visit, which is when we bring textbooks directly to your class to sell to students - sales are better for us, and buying books is easy for your students! We accept cash and credit/debit cards for payment. If you are interested in arranging a class visit, please complete this section of the online order form.

5. Confirmation: After you've submitted your request, you will receive an email confirmation from us, and one of our volunteers will follow up generally within the next few days to let you know the status of your order. Feel free to email orders@bluestockings.com directly if you need an answer sooner.


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