7th Graders Becoming 8th Graders Placerita Yearbook Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the yearbook staff! For a full description of the yearbook program and responsibilities, please go to this website link: https://www.jdavidsonhistory.com/yearbook

Please read all of the directions carefully before beginning this application.
You will need approximately 15 minutes and must have a parent/guardian nearby to e-sign at the end, indicating they understand your interest and responsibilities to the Yearbook program as well as you do.

Please write down this link now: https://bit.ly/3wgi1B8. You will need to give the link to two of your 7th-grade teachers. One of them should be your English Teacher. The other one can be your teacher of choice. They are going to provide a recommendation on the online form. This is an important part of the process, and your application is considered incomplete until the recommendation is completed by your teacher. Check with your teachers to make sure they have completed it.

**It is also recommended that you make a copy of your writing in a Google or Microsoft Word document if you do not finish your application right away. This will prevent you from having to start all over in the event that Google does not properly save your application.**

The yearbook advisor will notify you of your acceptance status the last week of May!

Please contact the yearbook advisor if you have any questions.

Mrs. Davidson
Yearbook Advisor
Placerita Jr. High School
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Personal Information
First name: *
Last name: *
Email Address: *
Make sure you use your school email address and spell this correctly. Students in the yearbook are required to use email and to check it regularly. If you are new to Placerita and don't have your own school email address yet, then use your own email address.
Current Team: *
As a yearbook staff member, your responsibilities include:
・ Making yearbook class a priority
・ Getting to class at least 5 minutes early to help set up (Yearbook is a 1st Period class)
・ Committing to taking the yearbook class as your elective for at least 3 quarters
・ Working as a team to complete all sections of the yearbook
・ Working outside of class time
・ Going to after-school events to take photos and cover stories
・ Meeting strict deadlines
・ Coming to class on time and prepared to work
・ Writing stores, articles, and captions about what's going on in a photo, and proofreading it
・ Taking photographs of people you know and don't know
・ Convincing shy kids to let you take their picture
・ Conducting interviews with teachers to get information about their group/club.
・ Conducting interviews with students.
・ Creating polls to collect specific student information
・ Checking the spelling of everyone’s name in the school
・ Sometimes spending 45 minutes cutting out a background on just ONE picture
・ Never using the phrase, “It’s good enough.”
・ Handle expensive photography equipment with care
・ Learning a lot, working hard, and having fun
After reading the above responsibilities, are you willing to meet all of these requirements? *
If you answer no, your application will end here.
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