ISD 186 Strategic Plan Input - 2020 Update
Thank you in advance for taking time to offer your thoughts regarding the future of the Pequot Lakes School District! Our school board and leadership team are working to update our district strategic plan to guide our decisions over the next 5 - 7 years, and we would greatly appreciate hearing from you! The key question is - how can we best prepare our Patriot students for life in the many decades ahead (kindergarteners today will graduate in the year 2032!!)??

Please take a few minutes to answer the following open ended questions about the future of our schools (survey will close in early March). We are proud to be Patriots and appreciate your input to help us plan for the exciting years ahead!
Should Not Change *
Tell us what you believe Pequot Lakes Schools does well. In other words, what about our district should not change? Where do you see great potential?
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Should Change *
What about our district needs to change to improve our results?
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Expected Results - Portrait of a Patriot Graduate *
Kindergarten students this year will graduate in the year 2032! What do our students need to know and be able to do to be successful in the many decades ahead?
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Expected Results - Portrait of a Patriot Graduate *
Please list three skills or "habits of mind" that our graduates need to be successful in this rapidly changing and complex world.
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Describing Excellence *
Please share words or phrases that describe an excellent, high functioning school district. Consider core values and short vision descriptors for teaching and learning, district operations, and student activities.
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Educational Equity for All Students *
Pequot Lakes Schools is charged with ensuring success for every student. Where - or for whom - do you see gaps or barriers that must be addressed to ensure success for every student?
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Dreaming Big
Fill in the blank. "If only we could _____________________, then we would be able to ______________________."
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Your Role/Perspective *
Please indicate if you are a staff member in our district, a parent, a student, a local business owner, and/or a community member in our district (you may select more than one role).
If you are a student, what grade are you in currently?
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District Advisory Council
We need community members who care about our schools to serve on our District Advisory Council for our strategic plan. This is a commitment to participate in 1 - 2 meetings each year and to offer input on our district's future directions. Please check the box below if you are interested.
Contact Information
If you are willing, please share your name and email address (especially if you checked the box in the previous question). Your contact information will be used only for the purpose of following up with clarifying questions or for more input opportunities.
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