Survey on Awareness About Indian Muslim Contributions to the Ottoman Caliphate
This Form is being circulated among youth from different nationalities, especially those from the Indian Subcontinent, and modern Turkey, to determine how aware they are about the socio-economic contributions made by Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent to the Ottoman Caliphate and the Turkish nation during the period 1877-1924. This is not a quiz. For more details of the research project please refer
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1. Have you heard about Maulana Nanawtawi's Contribution to the Ottoman War Efforts in 1877
2. Have you read Allama Shibli's Travelogue of his visit to Turkey?
3. Did You Know that the Indian Red Crescent Society had sent a medical mission to Turkey to treat wounded soldiers during the Balkan wars in 1913?
4. Are you aware of the efforts of the Khilafat Movement in India to support the Ottoman Caliphate during their most difficult days?
5. The Khilafat movement sent a delegation to Europe to plead for fair terms for the vanquished Turkish government after World War One. Are you aware of this?
6. Are you aware of the newspapers published by the Muslims during the British Raj which vocally supported the Ottoman cause? If yes, please name at least 2 popular Muslim newspapers of that period
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7. Did you hear about the Treaty of Sevres and how it caused anguish among Indian Muslims?
8. Have you heard of the Treaty of Lausanne?
9. Are you aware that a section of the Muslim leadership advised Indian Muslims to migrate to Afghanistan in 1920s because of British refusal to heed their request for fair treatment of the Ottoman Caliphate?
10. Have you read any of Allama Shibli's Poems on Turkey
11. Can you name one famous poem which Allama Iqbal wrote about his anguish for Turkey
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12. Did you know that the Mapillah Uprising was inspired by the Khilafat movement?
13. Have you heard about the financial sacrifices made by Haji Osman Sait of Bangalore for the cause of the Khilafah?
14. Have you heard about the role of Yakub Hassan Sait for the cause of the Khilafah?
15. Did you know that the Mappilas of South Malabar sacrificed more lives during their uprising against the British government to restore the dignity of the Ottoman Khalifa, than any other people in the Indian sub-continent?
16. Indian Muslim Sepoys in the British army mutinied against their officers when they were asked to fight the Ottoman troops. Can you name the country in which one such mutiny occurred in February 1915?
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