Educ 200 student questions 2016 Fall
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All students will need a laptop computer for in-class writing, editing, and data exercises.
Purchase a print reading packet?
All students must have their readings and notes available in class. Readings will be available in PDF format for those who prefer to read and take notes on screen. In addition, you may purchase a printed reading packet for about $25.
Google username?
In this course, each student must have a Google Drive username for writing and editing assignments. If you already have Gmail, you can use the same username, or you may create a special one for this class. At minimum, your Google username must include your first name or initials. For example, mine is
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Permission to share photos on web?
Occasionally I take photos of students in learning activities or at school placements to share on Trinity websites, with your names if you are featured in the image.
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