Saura's Commissions Form
Please read & fill out the form carefully! Provide here all the needed details as I won't DM you for any additional information regarding your commission. Form was made to help me have everything in one place for a better workflow. Please respect that and my work time. 

Read my TOS before ordering

Thank you for your interest in me! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message me on twitter (saurawr_)!

For small orders please visit VGen!!
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Name *
How should I refer to you? Feel free to add your pronouns too!
Social media *
Please provide your Twitter and Discord username for communication purposes. Other social media links are optional.
What would you like to commission? *
Please write down here everything you'd like to commission from me. Be sure to specify what pieces you'd like to have animated or any other important details that is needed to estimate the order's final price.

If it's a package, write it's title and any changes you'd like to make into it. 
If it's a custom commission/something outside my offer, please describe it as detailed as possible. 
Theme *
E.g. night sky, bunny, techno, etc.
References *
Please add a mood board of the theme ^ you want to archive for your commission, NOT your character references. Please go to Pinterest and pick some photos that describe your vibes the best. Preferably a link to docx with details/pictures.
Commission details *
Everything else you would like to add regarding your commission. All the details about specific assets. Please refer to picture.
Captionless Image
Leave blank if you have no preferences, I'll pick!
Do you have a hard deadline?
Is there a specific time I need to end your commission in? Fees may apply. If no leave blank.
Character files *
Please gather all your needed files into google drive folder and paste here a link to it. 
Please provide:
  1. Model png with transparent background.
  2. Model reference sheet.
  3. Logo* (optional).
  4. Artworks (optional if needed for your commission).
*If commissioned from other artist and want me to use it.
Privacy fee?
Do you need your commission to stay private until your debut? If no, I may stream the process of your commission, share spoilers and post showcase right after finishing.
Payment *
Please specify how would you like to make the payment. Pick multiple answers if needed.
Anything else you'd like to add? :)
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