Dear teachers - participants in our project, please take some time to complete this form. Thank you in advance. (May 2017).
Have you enjoyed being part of this project? *
Are you satisfied with the chosen topics and with the activities you have fulfilled in this project? *
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What project activities have you done in your school? *
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Have you used innovative pedagogical approach and methods of teaching during the realization of chosen project activities with your students? *
Have you had the chance to improve your English language skills and competences? *
Do you think that you have improved your ICT skills? *
Which ICT skills have you acquired while working on this project? Multiple answers are possible. *
Which web tools or ICT applications have you been using apart from the ones mentioned in the previous question? *
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Have your students created some material thematic products related to the topic you have chosen (drawings, paintings, booklets, souvenirs...) *
Have you shared the newly acquired pedagogical approaches and methods with other teacher colleagues at school? *
Have you learned anything about the culture and language of any other partners in this project? *
Have you taken part in any of the project activities abroad? *
Please write down any further comments about the implementation and success of this project. *
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