Thank you for your interest in the project!

We have been awarded Creative Funding to research, develop and fabricate a fully adaptable mobile exhibition unit as a method of outdoor display for artists. 

K:ART(s) would be able to pop-up in spaces individually or in groupings around the city. These versatile units would create innovative outdoor art spaces which would allow artists the freedom to create installations, transport, display, sell or create an arts hub outside for the public to visit. 

Kekun Studio and Polka Design have been working hard the last few months on creating a versatile design that will work for as many different artists and practices as possible.

Now we need you before we build the first one!

Please help us build the best prototype we can by taking a look at the design and giving us your feedback!
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Would you be interested in using the K:ART? If so, how?
(Cont.) Please provide a little more detail, if you can, on how you could imagine using/renting/buying a K:ART or multiple K:ARTs?  
Where would you like to see K:ART(s) popping up in the city? Name as many locations as you'd like! e.g. The Green, Rosemount, outside Art Gallery, Torry
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If you have any suggestions on how to improve the K:ART for your specific needs, please go into a little more detail and write any comments below
Finally, any further comments?....e.g. What do you think of the concept overall?  How would you like to see K:ART being used in the city? Anything else you'd like to add?
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