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DDP seeks to gather personal contributions to discuss the relationship between democracy and design, in order to express in a propositive and proactive way the perspective of the design world over the de-democratizing process currently underway.

DDP is a contribution that the Politecnico di Milano Design Department has decided to make to the constellation of initiatives that are quite autonomously taking, or planned to take, place in various parts of the world. The idea is that by gathering them together and giving them greater visibility it may be possible to increase their cultural and political impact.

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DDP is an initiative of the Politecnico di Milano Design Department, designed and coordinated by three of its laboratories: Design Policy Lab, Density Design and DESIS Lab.
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DDP is a digital platform carrying out various functions. In particular it collects and catalogues Statements and Video Statements from its community, so as to make them easily accessible in a single digital artifacts.

These can led to other reflection and research activities to be determined at a later stage.

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