EOPS Faculty Appreciation Nomination Form 2018-2019
EOPS is providing you with a unique opportunity to give a personal ‘thank you’ to a OCC professor who you would like to acknowledge. In EOPS our primary focuses is the achievement of student success. Our faculty is at the core of our learning, and the purpose of this is nomination is to recognize those outstanding faculty who made a difference in your academic career here at OCC.
All nominated faculty will:
• Receive a letter that includes your special message, as well as a certificate of appreciation and public recognition.
• Feel appreciated and valued for the hard work they do in the classroom.
The faculty who receives the most nominations will be recognized at the EOPS graduation banquet and will receive a special award.
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What is the full name of the OCC Faculty you wish to nominate? *
What class and semester were you enrolled when you took the professor’s class? *
What did this faculty do that made a positive difference in your time at OCC? *
What did the instructor do to help you succeed in class? *
This nomination will close on Friday, March 1, 2019 by 2:00pm.
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