2022-2023 HTHS Band Handbook Acknowledgement Form
Please read the handbook linked below and fill out this form to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the policies and procedures of the HTHS Band

HTHS Band Handbook
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By signing this agreement, the student agrees to the conditions and rules outlined in this band handbook for the school year 2022 – 2023. The student understands the requirements of this course and its extracurricular requirements. The student understands that failure to meet these requirements and obligations will have a damaging effect on their grade for this course. The student further understands that he/she has made a commitment that he/she is expected to fulfill to his/her best ability. The student accepts the daily homework of practice time on his/her respective instrument. By signing this agreement, the student and family have noted the specific dates and times of performances throughout the year and understands his/her obligations to meet all these events; failure to perform at these performances will have a negative impact on the student’s grade in the class. The director will be sure to allow ample advance notice if necessary changes in the performance schedule occur. The student further agrees to return all equipment, music, supplies to the music department in the same condition as they were received. These items include but are not limited to sheet music, music books, mouthpieces, neck straps, lyres and flip folders, pencils, leather music folders, textbooks, CD’s, tapes and recordings. The student understands that he/she will be responsible for the replacement cost of these items if not returned in the same condition.
By typing my name below, I am stating that I have read and understand the conditions, dates, and requirements of this course.
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