Cantonese Summer Party Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the Summer Party on 15th of July. The party will take place at Charing Cross Library starting from 1:45pm. I appreciate you taking the time to complete the form so we can hold the place(s) for you.
1: Children’s Name (Nickname/ Chinese) : *
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2: Date of birth (dd/mm/yy) : *
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3: Parent's Name (Nickname/ Chinese) *
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4: Mobile :
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5: Email address : *
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6: How many children will be joining the Party? *
We are now having the parent & child online lesson using Skype.
7: Are you interested in learning Cantonese through the online lesson? *
8: Will you be joining the introduction session after the party (starting from 15:00-15:30) to know more about the parent/ child online lesson? *
9: Which locations do you want our Cantonese group classes to be held in the weekend for next term? *
10: Which days and time do you prefer if you are willing to join the class.
11: Do you allow us to post pictures from the party, in which it might include your children, on our Facebook page: R.S.Cantonese & website (coming soon)? *
12: Do you want to keep updated with our latest information? *
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