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Your'e in the right place if you crave ritual, desire sensual embodiment and are ready for empowered creation of your juiciest visions.
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This program is a Transformational Investment that helps you make BIG changes on your life's most challenging patterns starting at $2197 (for Personal Transformation) and $3197 ( for Certification), with payment plan options (9 month payment plan option ends May 28th). Do you have or are you willing to find the financial means you need to invest in this program? *
Are you ready to commit to 6 months (12 modules) of goddess group coaching to activate your Shakti Divine Feminine energy for healing & manifestation of your visions, and to fully turn on your Radiant Juicy Self? (Will you MAKE and Devote the TIME to carve out and devote to self-care practices that are in this course?) *
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