Teaching Social Practice - Event Registration

Saturday, October 14, 2017. Noon-6pm
Location: UMASS Dartmouth (specific campus location TBA)
Travel/Transportation/Hotel Info: https://goo.gl/7smdU8

Cost: Free + lunch provided [sponsored by the UMD Office of Faculty Development]
Event contact/coordinator: Ellen Mueller, ellen@ellenmueller.com

The conference will start with lunch and introductions, followed by presentations, activities, and a project/assignment exchange, all related to teaching social practice. Also, Emma Colburn will be organizing a family project space (a child-friendly, family-friendly space) during the conference - more info below.


Pre-registration is required: To pre-register, please fill out this form (below) by September 15, 2017. Seating is limited.


For those traveling from further away that might like to lengthen their stay, there will be events in and around the region before and after the conference. We will post more info on these additional opportunities in the coming weeks.

||-|| Mark Dion symposium at Northeastern University - Boston, MA - October 12-13, 2017
---- https://camd.northeastern.edu/cfa/events/artifacts-of-the-future/

||-|| Roz Crews is programming for Sunday, October 15, 2017 in the New Bedford area (more info coming soon)


This is an ongoing learning space during the conference offering childcare for parents attending workshops and exploring how documentation can be used to construct theory. Drawing from similarities between the radical pedagogies of Reggio Emilia and the Social Practice cannon, we will use processes of recording our surroundings to deepen our inquiries of, and connections to, the landscapes surrounding us for the day. You are welcome to drop in (and drop off) anytime! All ages are invited to participate. Materials will be provided. Pre-registration for the FPS encouraged but not required. Ask questions or pre-register by contacting Emma at ecolburn@pdx.edu

Presentations at the event will include, but are not limited to:

||-|| Marin Abell // Metropolitan State University of Denver - http://www.marinabell.org/
---- Presentation: enhancing awareness, looking more closely, listening as it relates to teaching social practice

||-|| Chloë Bass // Queens College, CUNY - http://chloebass.com/ , http://socialpracticequeens.org/ , http://artdept.qc.cuny.edu/
---- Presentation/Activity: building conversational practices (between collaborative partners, within small groups, with people who are "above" us, with community, and with the media)

||-|| Ruth Burke // Independent Artist - http://www.ruthkburke.com/
---- Presentation: ethics of navigating communities involving farmers/livestock

||-|| Adam Carlin // University of North Carolina Greensboro - http://adamcarlin.us/ , http://greensboroprojectspace.com/
---- Presentation: Methods for creating experiential programs for University content, and how the model of a project space is well suited for a University

||-|| Melanie Crean // Parsons School of Design (The New School University) - http://www.melaniecrean.com/
---- Presentation: social justice curriculum based on visual narrative & performance

||-|| Roz Crews // Artist in Residence at UMASS Dartmouth - http://rozcrews.info/
---- Activity: facilitating collaborative projects with a classroom of students

||-|| Amanda Leigh Evans // Artist - www.amandaleighevans.com
---- Presentation: Collaborative life/art in an affordable housing community

||-|| Marc Ganzglass // SUNY Purchase - http://marcganzglass.com/
---- Discussion: the potential role of "traditional" sculpture studios and technical facilities in social practice curricula

||-|| Karen Gergley // Graceland University - http://cargocollective.com/KarenGergely
---- Activity: power and privilege in the classroom

||-|| Jeff Kasper // Queens College, CUNY http://jeff-kasper.co/ , http://socialpracticequeens.org/ , http://artdept.qc.cuny.edu/
---- ​Presentation: Action Art: student-led social practice projects in action.

||-|| Katie Kehoe // Artist in Residence at VisArts in Rockville, MD - http://katiekehoe.com/
---- Presentation: Criteria for considering socially engaged art

||-|| M. Michelle Illuminato // Portland State University - http://michelleilluminato.com/ , https://alfredline.com/ , http://nextquestion.org
---- Presentation: "Going Outside" and The Line project at Alfred University

||-|| Jane D. Marsching // Massachusetts College of Art and Design - http://www.janemarsching.com/ , http://www.plotformplot.org/
---- Presentation: Climate communities, resilience, and social practice

||-|| Lucia Monge // Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, Nature Lab staff - http://luciamonge.com/en
---- Presentation: interdisciplinary collaboration

||-|| Ross Schlemmer // Southern Connecticut State University - http://southernct.academia.edu/RossSchlemmer
---- Presentation: Social Practice and Pedagogical Intervention: Interrupting Conditions of Inequality

||-|| Susan Smith // University of Maine
---- Presentation: radical pedagogy as it relates to socially engaged art and activist processes

||-|| Molly Sherman // Texas State University - http://www.molly-sherman.com/
---- Presentation: designing collaborative books and participatory publishing

||-|| Sidney Stretz // University of North Carolina Greensboro - http://www.sidneystretz.com/
---- Presentation: failure in social practice

||-|| Cat Tyc // CUNY (Laguardia, Bronx Community College) - https://cat-tyc.squarespace.com/#/blue/
---- Presentation: CONSUME (s) ME project

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Emma Colburn (colburne@gmail.com) is organizing a Family Project Space that will run simultaneously with the conference. Are you registering any children to participate in this program? If yes, please list name(s) and age(s) below. If you are still deciding, please indicate. While registering your children is not required, it will help us to know in advance approximately how many people we will be working with and what projects are appropriate.
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