PALNI Shared Cataloging Initiative
Resulting from PALNI's commitment to "Deep Collaboration", the WMS Workflows group has assembled a pilot mechanism for supported institutions to assist each other with original cataloging needs.

Use this form to request original cataloging assistance, and PALNI institutions with skilled catalogers will be able to review the requests and distribute the work. Original items may need to be physically sent to the cataloging institution.

Please enter separate request form submissions for different formats; for example, if you have 12 theses and 3 DVDs that need records, please make those separate requests so that two different institutions may claim the work. Archival materials are not under the scope of this project.
Format of cataloging need *
How many items in this format do you have that need cataloging? (precision preferred; an estimate will suffice) *
Do you have any non-English materials *
If non-English; which language(s)?
Do you have a deadline for completing this cataloging? *
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