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If you are low on funds, identify somewhere on the trans-masculine spectrum, and need a binder, use this form to request one. Have patience. Due to demand, it may time some time to get to your application. Most of Genderbands' binders are gently used donations so we may not have your size at the time of request. Please make sure to provide a good email so we may contact you if/when your size becomes available.

Please remember these chest binders are only for those in the transgender community (this includes non-binary identities Yayy). Cosplayers are NOT eligible.
Please only apply if you have no other means of getting a binder.

Failure to completely and correctly fill out this form could result in not receiving a binder.

Genderbands' current service area is the United States, Canada, and Mexico.




Do not wear your binder for more than 8 hours at a time.
Never sleep in your binder.
Take deep breathes often and regularly stretch, while wearing your binder.
Listen to your body! If it hurts, take it off!
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Sizing - Please carefully follow the directions to get your measurements. These will be used to help find your correct binder size.
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Measurement in inches or centimeters - At armpits *
Measurement in inches or centimeters - At largest part of the chest *
Measurement in inches or centimeters - Under the chest *
All answers are valid!

We'd like to share your happy faces on our social media to encourage others to donate their binders - to make more happy faces. By answering this question, we know whether or not to contact you again. No one wants to get bugged!
Would you be willing to share a picture of yourself on social media in your new binder? *
By submitting this application I promise that the above mentioned information is correct and true. I promise I have read and agree to terms listed above. I agree to receive a chest binder, which may be used, from Genderbands. Genderbands is not responsible for any harm that may come to me by wearing said binder. *
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