ARC sign up for V's Books
This is a sing up form for Advanced Reader Copies of V's (my) work. You can sign up for one time (see below) or be added to a group of people who will continuously receive ARC copies from me.
Please note that in signing up you agree to leave an honest review of the books you get. If you do not, no worries, but you will be excluded from the ARC team and future ARCs.
As an ARC Team Member, you will not be required to accept a copy of every book, but can pick from the given opportunities which of those you'd like to review.
Do you want to sign up just this once, or join my ARC team? *
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On which of the following platforms are you willing and able to leave an honest review?
Do you understand that copies of the books you receive may not be shared without prior written permission from the author. *
If you have Facebook and would want to be added to an ARC group for my future books, please tell me your FB name and I'll add you. (If this point gains enough interest, I'll make a group through which you can directly pick ARC opportunities) By adding your name here, you agree not to: Reveal members of the group without their expressed permission, share private information shared by anyone in the group, including but not limited to expressed private information by V.L.
I understand that by signing up for V's ARC Team and upon acceptance of a copy for review, I will adhere to the timeline stated, leave an honest review, and failure to do so will result in my removal from the ARC team. (Normally you'd get the book one week in advance and the review would be due two weeks after release. So a normal time-frame would be three weeks on average.) *
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