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This is online registration for Central MA Chinese Language School. You will register ONCE a year (for the two semesters - Fall and Spring). The semester starts on Sept 8, 2019 - calendar: http://cmcls.org. The cultural class/club is optional. We will try our best to meet your class selection. However, we may need to make adjustments based on enrollment number, and teacher availability and will inform you if your class selection will need to be changed.
Online Registration Form information
**** Returning student - Use the pre-fill link from an email sent earlier for speedy registration.

Please complete and submit Registration Form. This form has multiple sections:
- Parent 1 and 2 Information
- Address
- Student 1, 2, 3 Information and grade and culture class selection for FULL YEAR (2 semesters - Fall and Spring)
- skip Parent duty and not listed in directory option
- Consent and Waivers
- Medical Consent with medical information (need your doctor contact info and medical insurance number)

You will get a confirmation registration email, please check your SPAM box. If you don't get your confirmation email within a day (It depends on how busy the email server from Google, could take 1 minute, but I have seen 20 minutes), please contact webmaster@cmcls.org . Javascript MUST be enabled to complete the registration form.

Language Classes
In grade levels, classes are taught in both traditional 繁體 and simplified 簡体 Chinese [used in mainland China] along with 注音Zhu Yin or 拼音PinYin. During registration, you have to choose the class book format for your child - Traditional Chinese with zhuyin 繁體注音, Traditional Chinese with pinyin 繁體拼音 or Simplified Chinese with pinyin 簡体拼音. If you are unsure, please contact your current class teacher or for new student pick "do not know - consult teacher on first day"

Return student: If you don't know which class to go onto/sign up for, please consult your current class teacher.

Please refer to https://sites.google.com/view/cmcls-org/課程-programs (look for syllabus) for class description. If you have any class related question, please email Academic Director academic@cmcls.org.

*** New students must meet with the Academic Director (email academic@cmcls.org in advance) or on the first day of school to verify the student's academic level for class placement.

Requirement Grade level: 6yr old and above
Class size limit: 15 people

Language Classes Tuition
BL classes
BL1, BL3 and BL5 include book fee that will be used in BL2, BL4 and BL6 (no book fee).
NOW: WELCOME! PK (Pre-K) class size limitation and priority
PK class is for 3-5 years old (students must be at least 3 years old on August 31st of current school year). The size limit for PK class is 9. We are planning to open TWO classes (so 18 total max kids). PK class on a first come, first served basis.

Signup NOW - if the class is full, we will put you on the waiting list.

Cultural classes (Optional)
Art and Craft: 6 years old and above

Chinese Calligraphy: 6yr old and above (including adults) with basic Chinese level - Class size limit: 15 people. Description: https://drive.google.com/open?id=14jkPc6cPWWkRFu_lDqQ1JftYqVgS-lcN

Basic hand sewing is for age 10 and up including adults, class limit to 10. This class includes $15 material fee per semester. Description: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NNagf9lhbmWxOwtZ59j2_fgRsCsIInlN

Culture Class (optional)
Please submit your check on the FIRST day of class at the registration table in the cafe. Please write your child's name and class on the check WITH email confirmation (which you will receive minutes after you submit this online registration). To avoid late fee of $20, you MUST submit the check by the start of SECOND (2nd) class!

The tuition is listed per semester and there are TWO (2) semesters in one school year (Sept-June). You are paying for the full year = 2 x the semester tuition listed + material fees with this registration. Please refer to the refund policy.

*Please discuss with Principal if you have question or concern about paying full-year tuition at the beginning of school year.

Tuition Refund Policy (per semester)
100% tuition refund if withdrawn before the end of 1st class ($10 Registration fee will be charged)
75% tuition refund if withdrawn before the end of 2nd class
50% tuition refund if withdrawn before the end of 3rd class
There is no tuition refund after the 4th class.
No switching class is allowed after the 3rd class without approval from the principal

Material Fee Refund Policy

100% refund if withdrawn before the end of 1st class
There is no material fee refund after the 1st class.

Please contact Principal (principal@cmcls.org) for all other school related questions.

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