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(AAFLC) is a non-profit, international, Christian organization which actively finds and rescues
Missing Children, throughout the United States and abroad, at no cost to Searching Parents.

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1. The purpose of this Vending Donor Pledge Form is to outline certain representations the Vending
Donor intends on making to the general public regarding its pledge of donations to American
Association For Lost Children (AAFLC). AAFLC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

2. The Vendor Donor intends on representing to the general public that it is a regular contributor to
AAFLC. The Donor intends on placing a display label on its machines/boxes to that effect. AAFLC will
make display labels available to the Donor for that purpose.

3. The Vendor Donor hereby pledges that he/she will make a monthly donation to AAFLC in the amount
of at least one dollar ($1.00) per Vending Device/Box that displays a representation as discussed on this
form. (For example: 12 Vending Displays = $12.00 donation per month minimum.) The minimum
donation to AAFLC is not affected by the amount of sale proceeds collected by the Vending Donor. Of
course, donations in excess of the minimum are greatly appreciated.

4. Submit this Vending Outreach Donor Pledge Form, mail it, OR fax to: 724-537-6971, completed and signed
below, along with initial donation of $1.00 per requested Vending Display Label. If using Google Forms, please make the payment through the PayPal link at the end of the form. Once initial donation
has been received, AAFLC will mail requested Vending Display Labels. A Vending Donor Pledge
Reminder will be sent monthly beginning the first month after the effective date of the Vending Donor
Pledge Form, which is the date the Vending Donor Pledge Form is signed by AAFLC. Make all checks
payable to AAFLC specifying “Vending Donation Pledge” on the check memo.

5. If the Vendor Donor decides to terminate Vending Donor Pledge under this agreement, the Donor
hereby agrees to notify AAFLC of such action in writing. Until written notice of termination is provided
to AAFLC, the Vendor Donor agrees that the terms of this Vending Donor Pledge will remain in effect.
Upon termination the Vending Donor further agrees to cease and desist making further representations
to the general public of sponsorship of AAFLC, and agrees to remove all signs and labels from Vending
Devices which contain that representation. Failure to do so would be a violation of Federal and State
laws regarding donations to charitable organizations.

6. In the event the Vending Donor fails to make the minimum donations as outlined in this Vending
Pledge Agreement, or in any way misrepresents its relationship with AAFLC, AAFLC reserves the right to
file complaints or credit reports with applicable governmental private agencies.

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