Thrivacious Retreat 2023 Application
Shalom beautiful! We are excited that you are interested in our fourth annual Thrivacious Retreat! The Thrivacious Retreat will be hosted from June 1-3, 2023 at Zohar Badeshe in Kibbutz Dalia.  

Please answer this application as fully and descriptively as you can. Please do not fill out this form on behalf of someone else - it is extremely important for us to understand who people are from honest, personal answers.

All answers you provide to this application are confidential, and only Thrivacious staff will read them.  
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When were you or your loved one first diagnosed with cancer or a genetic predisposition? *
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How long have you been living in Israel? *
Please share a brief biography of yourself in third person that will help us understand who you are. (180 words or less) *
How has cancer impacted your life? *
Why do you want to participate in the Thrivacious Retreat? What do you hope to gain from this experience? *
How did you hear about Thrivacious? *
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The Thrivacious Retreat is an "off the grid" program. In order to ensure it’s effectiveness, do you agree to “de – digitalize” for 3 days? This means no cell phones, and no wifi in public areas of the retreat (an emergency number will be provided for you and your family). While we will allow you to keep your cell-phone, and you can check messages and communicate while in your rooms and during free time, we ask that you respect other participants and keep this to a minimum. *
If you would like to go completely cell-phone free, which is highly recommended as it makes the experience much more powerful, please indicate that here so that we can place you in a room with others who share that full commitment. *
Thrivacious is an intensive process which requires your full commitment from June 1 at 9:30 am until June 3 at 21:00. Can you make this commitment? *
The Thrivacious Retreat is an investment in yourself. The participation fee is 950 NIS, which includes your delicious food and beautiful rooms, content facilitated by a dedicated and experienced team, and professional materials, but mostly it is a commitment to yourself of who you want to become and what you want to do. Are you ready to make this financial investment? *
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