COVID Level Attendance Requirements 2021
In the current environment, we know that the country can move between COVID alert levels at very short notice. In order to meet the needs of our community and also ensure we are following all guidelines, it is important that we are prepared for all possibilities with regards to alert levels.

Do we have your correct address and contact phone numbers? It is essential that the school has the right contact details for you so teachers can get in touch if we move to level 3 or 4 and if we need to deliver any learning packs. Please email us on or phone 5286485 to update your details.

Alert level restrictions on school attendance:
- We are currently in alert level 1 with healthy hygiene habits and everyone staying home if they are sick.
- Alert level 2 does not restrict anyone's attendance at school, however drop off and pick up at the gate is encouraged.
- Alert level 3 means only children of essential workers can attend school - school is closed to everyone else and distance learning is in place.
- Alert level 4 means school is closed to all staff and students.

As we saw last week, the move for Auckland to alert level 3 was made very quickly and if this happened to us, we wouldn't have up to date information about who we would need to cater for onsite and who we would need to provide distance learning to. We need to gather this information, but hopefully we won't need to use it!

We need all families to complete this form by Friday 5 March, 12 noon so that we can plan ahead and move quickly to cater for everyone if alert levels change. This form will enable us to create a Level 3 Register so we can determine who we would expect to be onsite.

In alert level 3, it is ESSENTIAL that you only send your child to school if ALL adults in the house would have to work away from home and there would be no other care available.

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