RRPC Pastor's Clerical Support Application

Job Description:

Hours: 4 hours per week, day and time are flexible. This position is flexible to fit your situation in life (mother's of young children, retired, working adults). The hours can be spaced out throughout the week, and do not all need to be completed at the church building.


1. Must be a member in good standing or presently pursuing membership
2. Strong computer skills are imperative (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Gmail, Prezi)
3. Proficiency in the use of standard office tools (copy machine, scanner, printer, fax machine, etc.)
4. Strong organizational skills
5. Have excellent command of English composition and punctuation
6. Have excellent e-mail and phone etiquette

Primary function is to assist the pastor in all secretarial, administrative, and office duties.

1. Maintenance and organization of entrance, library, and information table.
2. Ordering and maintenance of office supplies and equipment.
3. Organization and maintenance of church calendar (and pastor/director/manager calendar).
4. Pick up, distribution and dissemination of all mail and correspondence.
5. Screening and returning all phone messages.
6. Answer mail – correspondence, phone calls, etc.
7. Check email and respond.
8. Coordinate scheduling for weddings and baptisms.
9. Type, print, and fold weekly bulletins.
10. Keep accurate membership records (new members, baptisms, weddings, deaths, etc.)
11. Process baptism certificates.
12. Prepare Annual Reports.
13. Prepare, proof, print, and disburse weekly bulletins.
14. Update, prepare, and print the annual church directory.

• Should always exhibit professionalism, empathy, conscientious work ethic, teaching ability and accountability.
• Should be willing and able to work at a fast pace within a variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and flexibility.
• Should be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality.
• Should be ever conscious of the need for confidentiality (yes, this duplicate is intentional).
• Should have excellent phone etiquette and be willing to call members of the congregation..
• Should always exercise discernment and wise judgment.
• Should be a person who gives extreme attention to details with an eye for excellence.
• Should be a self-starter, good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects.
• Should possess strong administrative skills and the ability to work independently without supervision.

Please, only apply if you can dedicate one full year to this position

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